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Pre-Tan Recommendations

  • Always shower before application with non-oil based soap.  Best results come from a full exfoliation to rid all of your dead skin.  This will ensure an even skin tone and help extend the life of your tan.
  • Wear loose clothing because the bronzer may rub onto your clothes.  It will not stain, but you want your skin to hold the tan, not your clothes. Try to avoid wearing silk and nylons.
  • Have nothing on your body that you weren’t born with.  That includes make-up, deodorant, moisturizers, contact lenses, and jewelry.  I want your tan to be PERFECT, and with those items on your tan will be uneven.

Airbrush Tanning

Full Body Airbrush Tan


Half Body Airbrush Tan


Accelerated Airbrush (shower in 1-2 hrs. for light tan, 2-4 hrs. for medium tan, 4-5 hrs. for dark tan)


Half Body Accelerated Airbrush 





Post-Tan Care

  • Wear loose clothing for 8-10 hours so the tan stays on your skin.  Don’t participate in any activities that may make you sweat because you will lose some of your tan.  This also includes showering.  
  • When showering, don’t use an exfoliator because it will lighten/remove the tan.  Use a moisturizing soap.
  • Post shower, moisturize your skin to ensure a longer lasting tan.
  • Even better than moisturizer, use a tan maintainer to minimize fading on the tan. 
  • When showering use a moisturizing body wash to help keep the skin moist. Avoid any scrubbing or exfoliating in the shower that will remove or lighten the tan.
  • After drying, apply moisturizer* while the skin is still damp. Apply a few times a day if possible to keep the skin moist.
  • Some people use a tan maintainer* to minimize fading on certain parts of the body. Some also use a spray tan product* at home for in between visits or to darken a fading tan.
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