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Who says sun-kissed skin is only for the summer? At the Lounge, you can have that summer glow all year round. And what better way to prep for your tan, than with our full-body wax services, making your skin the perfect canvas to maintain and maximize your gorgeous tan for all New England seasons.


Classic Airbrush 

Full Body / $40

Half Body / $25

A color customizable blend that uses cool and warm tones to create a natural glow, or your deepest tan desirable. Our classic tan allows our guests to shower as soon as eight (8) hours after application, but can be left on for up to twelve (12) hours. This solution is perfect for the person who has time to let the solution develop for the full eight (8) hours. Guests who tan in the evening, are able to sleep while the tan develops, and shower in the morning. Our solution has no oils, and will never stain.

Accelerated Airbrush 

Full Body / $50

Half Body / $35

Designed to be light and smooth on your skin, this solution is an alluring mocha blended with golden honey hues. The deepness of your tan will be determined by the length of time it is left on the skin. Accelerated solution allows our guests to shower at least 4 hours at their desired time to achieve their desired shade. While you have washed off the visible bronzer, your tan will continue to develop as the day goes by, but will be unharmed by rain, swimming, and exercise!

We do keep a tan extender lotion in stock to help your tan last longer! Make sure to ask about it at checkout!




  • exfoliate any dry skin areas including elbows, knees, hands, and feet using an oil free exfoliant 

  • shave all desired areas

  • make sure you do not have anything on your skin such as lotion or deodorant

  • wear lose dark clothing and make sure your hair is up


  • allow solution to develop according to solution protocol (reg. 8 hrs, accelerated 4-6 hrs.)

  • avoid water/working out/sweating until you shower (if you do, buff out lightly with a clean, dry towel prior to your shower

  • shower working a lather with body soap (no loofah/cloth), pat dry, apply body lotion everywhere after each shower!



Pre-Waxing Recommendations

Always tell your skin care provider if you are currently using any topical creams, or medications for acne or AHA's for anti aging. These Medications cause the skin to be thinner and will always result in tearing or burning of the skin. Do not go tanning before your waxing appointment. Tanning dries the skin causing it to be more sensitive, which will leave you skin more susceptible to burning. For best results, your hair must be 1/4 of an inch long, which is an average of 10-12 days of growth. If you’re a female, don’t wax two days before your period because this is the time when your skin is most sensitive. Are you afraid of the pain? Take a couple Ibuprofens before the session to help with some of the pain and prevent swelling.

Post-Waxing Care

Try not to wear any tight clothing or panties to prevent irritation. Keep hands away from freshly waxed skin because this may cause irritation or small pimples. Do not tan in a bed or go into any steam rooms. After two days, use a light exfoliator to prevent ingrown hairs as long as there is no current irritation. If you do get ingrown hairs, we highly recommend Chromabrite to stop those pesky ingrown hairs and to lighten any pigmentation caused by in grown hairs. Give your skin 6-8 hours to shower. Avoid any friction or rubbing for 4-6 hours


Brow Shaping / $22

Brow Tweeze / $30

Lip / $13

Chin / $13

Lip &Chin / $25

Brow & Lip / $33

Brow & Chin / $30

Brow, Lip & Chin / $40

Full Face / $44

Shoulders / $45

Underarms/ $22

Lower  Arms / $40

Complete Arms / $50

Lower Leg / $50

Upper Leg/ $58

Complete Leg / $100

Back / $65+

Chest / $50

Stomach / $30

Bikini / $40

Bikini Extended / $53

Teeny Bikini / $58

Brazilian/ $70

Brazilian Extended/ $86

Brazilian & Brow / $90

Brazilian, Brow & Lip / $100

Makeup with Brushes


We can't wait to see you at the Lounge. To make an appointment for any of your favorite beauty and skincare services, click the button below to book online. 

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